Reigniting Europe’s security of supply: Boosting investor confidence

The Gas Storage & Transport Summit is Europe’s premium gas event which brings together leading industry experts from the key energy stakeholders (SSO’s, TSO’s, regulatory bodies, brokers, financiers) to debate and discuss the infrastructure and investment challenges that will shape Europe’s energy policy.

Key issues to be explored:

  • Gas Target Model – how will transparency and liquidity be maintained?
  • Gas storage: How can the contribution of flexible storage capacity deliver more competitive gas prices?
  • Harmonized gas tariff structures – what level of harmonization will the tariffs achieve?
  • Southern Gas Corridor – what are the risks for Europe and Azerbaijan?
  • Is shale gas a game changer? What will be the influence on the EU gas market by increased shale gas production in U.S?

Call for Papers

To submit a paper or to discuss how you could help to shape the 2015 programme; please contact Mariya Kovalyova, European Energy Summits Portfolio Manager, on +44 (0)20 7202 7616 or email


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